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Our Mission: To empower parents and spread inclusion!

Our Contribution: Bringing all special needs resources together in one place and providing spaces that are inclusive to all families! We adapted our play areas to aid safe play for children with Autism. We offer therapy services on site and annual conferences for families in the Autism Spectrum. 

Our Goal: To provide community relief and support in education, resources and creating spaces to service children with special needs. 

Our Founder Patricia Carrothers has declared: “I will not be satisfied until our neurodivergent children have everything they need to thrive in our community, even if I have to build an entire City myself”


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Our Logo and Play areas of the Play Café were inspired by Unwind Founder, Patricia’s son Charles who was diagnosed with Autism in 2021. Our Mascot’s name is Charlie Bear honoring Charles name and cuteness!


Play Café Concept, Mission and Vision

Unwind Play café is a family-friendly coffee shop featuring sensory play!  Only parents with small children could understand: the difficultly of squeezing a  stroller into small spaces, little or no room to sit with the whole family, trying to  keep your child quiet long enough to enjoy a cup of coffee, and the discomfort  you feel when your child begins to disturb other patrons.

The mission for our organization is to create safe, clean and relaxing  environments for parents to enjoy with their small children.  As a parent, the number of establishments where you can go with your small  children comfortably are limited. Play areas are restricted to children under 7 years old. Our long-term vision is to build as many kid-friendly places as possible in our  community that also cater to the parents needs and specially for those with sensory needs. At Unwind, we will take pride in our customer service excellence, our high sanitation standards and our special needs awareness and servicing.

Unwind Design

The design of the park was inspired by the Neobio Kids  Restaurant in Shanghai, China in combination with the Lalalu Kids Café in the UK! 

The play café has open and visible areas, the seating areas  are designed around the play areas for easy access and peace of  mind. The crawlways are made of transparent acrylic, so  parents can look after their children playing. Providing parents  an opportunity to talk over coffee, breath and have some “me” time while kids can go play at their will. With this concept, parents no longer have to worry about their  children running amok! The play café will meet the needs of  both parents and children. 

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